Gaining Muscle Weight

One of the main topics brought up in bodybuilding articles geared at showing you how to gain weight is that regardless of how hard or long you train or how strict your eating plan is, the limiting factor will always be genetics.

What’s really beginning to bother me is noticing how many trainers are instantly laying the blame on a “bad set of genes” for the fact that they aren’t seeing any real muscle building progress from whatever workout program or diet they have been following blindly for whoever knows how long.

As soon as an individual notices that he / she is not gaining one bit of muscle mass even though they are following the strictest of workout nutrition / diet, whoever is that gets the brunt of the blame?

You got it…genetics.

Now, don’t misinterpret me. Genetics can most absolutely be a a hugely limiting factor in the long-term, overall muscle development you’ll experience.

In some cases, that’s one of the reasons you have some bodybuilders that are naturally larger and stronger than the next trainer.

However, and this is a big however, being quick to blame a bad set of genes as the main enemy why you are not noticing the muscle gaining progress you feel you should may be turning you into your own arch enemy.

The weight trainer that instantly calls out genetics for his / her lackluster workout progress is doing an disservice to themselves.

“Is it that you have bad genetics, or is that your workout routine is not that effective?”

“Bad genetics, or the possibility that you’re concentrating too much on getting stronger and / or perhaps using bad form instead on utilizing a workout routine that focusing on getting physically bigger in muscular weight?”

“Is it that you have bad genetics, or that you are expending too much energy and calories on other activities, such as sports, work, etc.?”

I think you get my point.

There are a ton of things, and actually probably more important ones, that have an effect on your progress that instantly getting on on the bad-genetics bandwagon is going to result in you always being stuck.

Words of advice…don’t think that the battle is lost in building the physique you badly need and seek because you feel you don’t have the genetics for it.

How many times have you heard or read someone that observes another weight trainer eating fast food, chinese take-out, chocolate candy bars, etc., and the very thing out of their mouths is that “he or she can eat like that and still maintain a fit physique because of his genetics”?

How about not shooting down someone else’s weight training regimen or eating techniques because it is not the “correct”, “politically correct”, “goes against bodybuilding tradition”, “is absolutely everything we are not supposed to do or eat” etc., thing to do, how about looking at things and an open mind.

Have you stopped and wondered that maybe it is not that a particular person has superior genetics to gain muscle weight while using non-traditional / unpopular nutritional eating standards or workout routines that allows him / her to attain an incredible physique.

Hey, there are tons of us that can lose weight while eating day after day a diet made up of lots of fats, like fast food, fried chicken, donuts, etc.

It’s that they have uncovered that what really has a visual impact on their physiques is not the food per se, it is the total amount of calories that they eat on a daily basis.

There are many that have been able to build a lot of muscle while eating very little protein.

Hey, it could be that these weight lifters have finally noticed that in order to gain weight or muscle mass it is not about eating in specific ratios or percentages, but in reality it is a matter of total daily caloric intake.

So, are you on the popular you must “keep your reps in the 8-12 rep range per set to gain size”, but you still don’t see any new muscular growth in the mirror?

In all honesty, is it a bad set of genes, so you might as well give up bodybuilding and take up checkers…or could it be that for your specific body type a much higher rep range is needed to properly stimulate muscle mass?

Do yourself a huge favor and stop making genetics public enemy #1.

Hold on for a second, take a look at the whole picture, and analyze your workout and nutritional regimens.

Test different workout routines out.

If you are serious about putting on some real muscle weight then you need to stop listening to the “you don’t have his/her genetics so you cannot train / eat how he or she does” crowd.

It could mean using more isolation exercise than compound exercises.

It could be that finally uncover the weight training regimen or form of eating that will take your physique and gains in muscle and weight to the next level!

Copyright (c) 2007 Jonathan Perez

Best Muscle Building Workout

One of the most important elements in achieving bodybuilding luck is muscle definition, which correlates with body fat percentage. In the hunt for the perfectly defined physique, bodybuilders contemplate various diet techniques, and carbohydrates receive a fair amount of criticism in bodybuilding circles, with articles regularly written on how carbohydrates lead to excess body fat levels, and because of this overwhelming negativity, many weight lifters pursue muscle gain with a higher fat, lower carbohydrate approach, with hopes of sustaining a reasonable body fat level. But is there a point where carbohydrate consumption can decline excessively, reaching levels where muscle gains become extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible? For those accepting of the current bodybuilding bandwagon, the answer to this question would seem to be no, but reality is generally substantially different than what popular bodybuilding notions hold as fact.

It is true that excess carbohydrates will cause body fat percentage to rapidly increase, hiding muscle definition, and many find themselves battling a portly stomach and love handles due to larger than necessary carbohydrate ingestion. But dipping carbohydrates to extremely low levels with the hope of bypassing the bulge battle is a common blunder, as even though body fat will certainly decline using such a method, the possibility for muscle gain will inversely follow carbohydrate reduction, with dramatic declines in future muscle mass increases, to the point where no further muscle building will soon be possible. Of course, a bodybuilder not only has the goal of controlling body fat percentage, but also excelling in muscle gain, therefore bringing carbohydrates to either extreme will diminish one of the two goals, leaving the bodybuilder with a frustrated, bitter experience while attempting to produce a sustained balance between muscle mass and low body fat percentage.

What supporters of the low carbohydrate diet plan fail to realize is that muscle building relies upon carbohydrates to fuel certain hormones in the body, namely insulin, which is amazingly anabolic, leading to crucial muscle increase, but also fueling quick body fat accumulation when utilized improperly. Because insulin is proportional to carbohydrate consumption, in order to achieve the most impressive muscle gains, carbohydrates must be available in the diet, but to suppress body fat gains, both the amount of carbohydrates and timing of such nutrients must be systematically implemented in order to provide muscles with sufficient carbohydrate nutrients for muscle size gains, although greatly reducing the negative impact on body fat percentage.

In addition to increasing insulin for anabolic impact, carbohydrates provide an immediate source for energy, and since the body must generate explosive output during weight lifting workout sessions for muscle gain, carbohydrates provide this fuel for maximum training effort. When following a low carbohydrate focus, the muscles are unable to put forth maximum intensity during each weight lifting set, and therefore muscle gains are negatively impacted, and already built muscle is also at risk of being lost. Those whoever follow low carb diet routines tend to lose weight lifting workout motivation, as insufficient carbohydrates can adversely impact motivation and mood, leading to very poor weight training performance, which clearly impacts muscle growth in an extremely negative way.

One additional detrhymental feature when adopting a reduced carbohydrate diet philosophy is metabolic reduction, and although initially a low carbohydrate diet plan may cause body fat to decline and enhance definition, the long term impact of such a diet won’t only burn muscle, but will also reduce metabolism (the rate at which the body burns calories), which means that you’ll require less food to maintain a certain body fat level. As a result, fat percentage will begin to climb when food reaches the required quantity for muscle gain due to this metabolic slowdown, and the unfortunate result is a more substantial fat level than will occur through properly balancing fat and protein with carbohydrates.

When attempting to improve muscle mass and definition, please reject the mistaken theory suggesting that carbohydrates are the evil enemy that hampers success, as by eliminating this important nutrient from your weight lifting diet plan, you’ll experience far less muscle mass and definition than is otherwise possible, but by implementing carbohydrates at specific times and in proper quantities, you’ll allow the body to build muscle without the notorious body fat increase that accompanies common weight gain diet routines. Carbohydrates, when used wisely, are one of the several muscle building and fat loss secrets to success.

Pilates For Muscle Building

Bodybuilding workouts are extremely sought after, even more so amongst men who would like to win over their girlfriends of their massive and ripped arms, upper body, and the body. Obviously, who here doesn’t need an attractive body to be proud of, right?

Even so, while there are a lot men and woman that wish to have a fantastic physique, not all one informed on the subject of good muscle building workouts that they may undertake. If you are one of them, then below are any physical exercises that could take you the wonderful direction towards your very best body ever.

1. Bent-leg knee raises – Lie down on your back while you relax your head and also neck. Place your hands on the ground next to your bottom, and place your feet on to the floor. Lower that abdominal muscles and raise the knees in direction of your chest area, then back on the floor again. Accomplish this for 12 times.

2. The Bridge – This really is section of most pilates program that could be one among the simplest muscle building workouts simply because of its ease-of-use yet great results. Everything you should carry out is to go in your push-up posture though with bent elbows. Straighten up your body and pull your abdominals in. Inhale for 20 seconds, after that for 60 seconds. Accomplish this maybe once or twice in sets of two.

3. Tricep Pull Downs – Employing a tricep pushdown machine, go to the bar and lift it up then pull it down to your waist, keeping your elbows near the side of your body. Do this step for ten times.

4. Leg Extensions – Sit down on a leg extension machine. Position your feet on the bar and lean your body back. Raise the bar with your legs and repeat this for ten times. This may seem effortless, but this is certainly probably the most efficient bodybuilding workouts there is.

5. Bicep curls – Needless to say, never leave your arms out. Truly, the arms are generally the fastest area of the body that one could sculpt. By using a pair of barbells or weights, curl the weight toward your shoulders. Retain the posture for just a few seconds and bring it back to the beginning position. Do about 10 reps of this set.

These 5 muscle building workout can assist you accomplish very good set of muscles that you will unquestionably be proud of. Prior to starting off with this particular program, below are any pointers to further help you:

– Repeat this cycle only twice each week in the first 2 weeks. Make sure that your rest period in all set will not be any more than half a minute. Right after each set, attempt to rest approximately one to three minutes before carrying out the other set.

– After the initial two weeks, perform the following workouts at a minimum 3 times each week.

– In workouts which entail the utilization of barbells, just be sure to utilize the correct equipment. Never try to handle heavier things, particularly if you are merely getting started.

In general, weight training exercises are great not only in improving your body, but also your overall fitness.

Best Way To Gain Muscle Mass For Skinny People

The Chris Hemsworth workout is all about gaining hardcore muscle mass. Even a skinny guy with a small frame can achieve this with the right plan. At any point in the process, you’ll most likely hit a plateau, and this might be devastating to notice your muscle growth cease. Chances are you are missing one of the critical elements that you need to know in order to succeed. Even if you are just starting out, it will be helpful to know these things ahead of time.

If you are always doing the same exercises, your muscles grow accustomed to them, and this can cause your growth to cease. However, you can’t try to fix this with over-training. Your muscles are not going to grow this way. You can find a happy medium when you simply vary the exercises that you do from one session to the next. You can additionally change the order in which you do your exercises as well as the time of day in which you do your workouts. Just change things up any way that you can. Think about switching up your routine mostly all couple weeks or so.

If you are doing the Chris Hemsworth workout, your obvious intention is to gain a lot of muscle mass, so once you start to get results you want to keep it going. Try to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts. The idea is to continuously stress your muscles in ways that they haven’t been stressed yet. Keep on challenging your muscles in order to get growth.

You have to give your muscles a sufficient amount of recovery time in between your workouts. The type of workouts that you are going to be doing are gorgeous intense, and you’ll most likely be creating little tears in your muscles. You need to allow time for these to repair, because while this is happening your muscles will be growing. Basically, if your muscles are still sore, you need to wait any more before you work out again. You really will notice more growth by doing it this way, because that recovery time is essential to the whole process of muscle growth. It also helps to eat a sufficient amount of protein to aid your muscles in the recovery process.

Make sure that you hydrate properly before, during and after your workouts. When you do a high intensity workout, for mostly all hour you spend exercising you’ll lose four cups of fluid. You will not have enough energy to get an effective workout unless you compensate for this loss plus add any more. Additionally, your joints and tissues need to be hydrated since you use them so much during your exercises. Some people prefer to get their hydration through sports drinks so that they can replenish lost electrolytes and minerals. It is really a matter of personal preference.

You will not get the body you want with only good intentions so when it comes to doing the Chris Hemsworth workout, make sure you remain dedicated to your workouts and forget about making excuses!

Copyright (c) 2011 Joe Maldonado

Muscle Building Time Under Tension

PROPER TECHNIQUE 101-Building Perfect Muscle

Proper technique is almost as important as eating when it comes to packing on muscle. You see it all the time, the dude, in the gym screaming at the top of his lungs, back arched and compensating with his whole body, just to look like he is lifting more weight. Common offenders flock to the bench press and bicep curls to look good in the gym. I don’t know about you, but I would rather look good on the beach and I don’t much care for how I look in the gym. I am the guy you see without the matching shorts and T-Shirt combo. No “UnderArmor” or fancy sweat suit. I am the dude in any plain shorts, a ripped up T-Shirt and any ratty old tennis shoes. I am there to train, not to look good or make an impression. I don’t tend to go to the “hook up” gyms though, so I guess if you wish to pick up chicks, you might need to look the part. While I am on a rant, what is with all of the fat and out of shape personal trainers. I am telling you, there are a ton of them. If I am going to be a personal trainer, I am surely going to look the part. I mean come on, that is your job. I figure as a supplement company owner, it is my job to at least look big. I don’t have great genetics for being lean, but I can at least train hard and get big for my customers. A piece of advise, you don’t need a personal trainer if you start training right and eating healthy. Today’s machines are designed to give you a near perfect workout, all that is missing is the drive and proper form.

Anyway, that is not the point of this article… Proper training is key to solid growth. Your habits in the gym can be the difference between a rock solid, defined physique and lots of time in the gym with no results. It took me a lot of years to realize this, but now that I know the secret, I have never looked more muscular. I recently read an article with Tony Freeman – professional bodybuilder, where he was expounding on the value of proper form. I agree 100%! It is not about the sheer amount of weight I can lift, it is about my form. That is what builds muscle and gives near perfect definition. I am telling you to drop down the weight and do a proper set. I like the lower weight and 3 seconds down and 3 seconds up with a one second squeeze at the top. This will not look so impressive, but it will sure build a defined dense muscle. Make sure you do a full range of motion or a near full range (I like to not bottom out, leaving tension on the muscle during the whole set) for best results and do a full one second squeeze at full contraction. This simple technique will add immediate gains to that old workout routine and give you the absolute best chance of building the size and definition you desire. Doing the absolute maximum you can put on a machine with poor form is useless and counter productive. Use weight you can manage with out cheating. This simple technique of proper form followed with full squeezing at contraction will give you the best chance to build the form you want.

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Best Muscle Building Workout

If you are serious about building muscle then you also need to be serious about your recovery. There are a lot of workout tips out there, but enhancing your recovery is one of the best muscle building secrets.

If you have been training hard then it is likely that you have experienced muscle soreness following exercise. If you have been exercising consistently for several years it is also likely that you have any chronic muscle related pain that was caused by years of using the same muscles over and over again.

Luckily, there’s a easy solution that works very well for enhancing recovery, relieving soreness, and alleviating chronic muscle pains. This solution is ice massage, also known as cryo-massage.

This is simply a massaging of the muscle with a piece of ice. To perform ice massage the simplest way is to fill a small Dixie cup with water and freeze it. You can then peel-away the cup to expose the ice. Hold the unpeeled end in your hand and massage the desired area. There are also special plastic cups created just for this purpose if you don’t mind a small investment.

It is best to use long, deep strokes over the entire length of the muscle. Make sure not to simply rub the ice on the surface of your skin, but to apply any downward pressure as you go over the length of the muscle.

Ice massage is best used immediately post-exercise. A duration of 10-15 minutes is mostly sufficient.

The ice will reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to the massaged area, which mainly times completely prevents any muscle soreness. In addition, the massaging action helps to breakdown muscle adhesions which may be causing chronic muscle pain or tightness.

I find that ice massage is one of the most powerful recovery tools available. Because of this you may be tempted to use ice massage after every workout. But like any recovery method, if you use ice massage too mainly it will begin to lose its effectiveness.

For this reason I recommend reserving ice massage for only your toughest workouts. This means that it should be used once per week at most.

Give ice massage a try after your next workout. I think you will find that it significantly reduces your recovery time between workouts and may help you deal with any of the chronic muscle pains you experience.

Please remember that although ice massage is one of the best muscle building secrets, without a properly designed training and nutrition program you will find that the results are minimal.

Skinny Guy Muscle Building Supplements

Do you feel too skinny? Do you’ve less confidence than you would like because of this?

These 5 tips will get you well on your way to the body that you’ve always dreamed of, and give you an astonishing new confidence along with it.

Eat More

The truth of the matter is that in order for us skinny guys to begin to build any decent muscle the first thing that we need to do is EAT MORE!

A lot of skinny guys drastically under estimate the amount of calories that they need to be consuming, so I would definitely suggest that you start writing down your daily calories so that you can make sure you’re eating enough each day.

Eat Regularly

It’s no good just eating three huge meals a day if you need to gain muscle, you need to be eating every 2-3 hours throughout the day in order to keep your body full of the much needed nutrients that you need to be able to leave your skinny body behind and state hello to a new, more muscular you.

Don’t Waste Money On Supplements

Many people believe that if they take a load of supplements along with working out in the gym then they will see large muscle gains with minimum effort. But the truth of the matter is, your better off saving your money.

An important thing to mention is the fact that most of the body building magazines that have pages and pages of supplement ads are actually owned by the supplement company’s. So of course they’re going to tell you that the supplements are astonishing and you must have them. When the fact of the matter is, most of them do not work! (believe me, I have tried them)

Get Plenty Of Rest

This is the most simple tip of all, but a lot of people over look it. As your muscles grow while at rest not while your in the gym working out it, is extremely important to get enough rest.

You may be working out like a crazy guy in the gym, but if you do not rest your muscles then there is no way that they will grow.

Keep At It

At first it may be very simple to give up if you do not see immediate results, but when you consistently train and eat right then you’ll have the muscular body that you’ve always wanted.

If you follow these simple tips then you’ll wave goodbye to your skinny body forever similar to I did.

Although that being said, there is one more thing that could mean the difference between getting the body that you need fast or struggling to gain muscle for months (like me when I first started). To find out what I’m talking about and read my full story of how I went from skinny to muscular then you can check out my website at

Quickest Way To Build Muscle

The challenge of adding muscle can be overwhelming and confusing to those wanting to increase muscle mass and gain weight. There is any number of fitness magazines claiming to have found the quickest, easiest way to build muscle fast. If it were this easy, millions of people would have already reached their goal and there would be body builders on every street corner. If you are serious about weight training and building muscle, the best way to build muscle fast is to learn the proper diet and exercise methods needed to force your body to add muscle.

The body needs stimulation in order to build muscle fast. Subjecting your body to higher levels of stress than it is accustomed to will force your body to respond. You can achieve this effectively if you increase resistance or weight while training, do more sets, do more repetitions, rest less between sets, and move the resistance slower than usual. These are general suggestions and will need to be adapted to meet your personal goals. If you are more advanced in your weight training you can tweak and change your workout routine to get the optimal results for your body type.

If you want to build muscle, there are certain foods that you must eat to maintain or add weight without losing muscle mass. You will need to increase the number of calories you consume each day if you are working out to build muscles, or if you engage in strenuous activities every day, either in the form of planned exercise or in the course of your job. If you are healthy and want to build muscles, you can set up any guidelines for muscle building meal plans.

As with any special diet, you should avoid extremes in the type of food you eat, and consume only reasonable quantities to help you build muscles. A good muscle building meal plan will include adequate amounts of protein, fats and carbs to give your body the nutrients it needs to begin building muscles while not adding fat. Six small meals a day may work better for you than three large meals.

If you are among the millions whoever struggle to gain weight and build muscle fast, you need to keep in mind that weight training is needed to stimulate growth. The body needs to relax between workouts in order to rest and use the fuel you provide to build muscle. Weight training too commonly can be counter-productive and may even cause injuries. Over training and improper food consumption are the major reasons most people never reach their goals. Motivation and the right information can help you succeed in gaining weight and building muscle fast.

Bodybuilding For Skinny Guys Workouts

When was the last time you read an article discrediting the effects of glutamine? Maybe this will be your first one? Unfortunately, the majority of bodybuilding and muscle magazines still have this supplement on their “Top 5 Lists.” I am not here to convince you to never buy another tub of glutamine again, but if stay with me, I will do my best to debunk some of the common myths that have led you to believe that this expensive supplement is necessary.

But I Thought Glutamine Was A “No Brainer” Supplement?

Creatine is a ‘no brainer’ supplement, protein powder is a ‘no brainer’ supplement, multi vitamins and fish oils are ‘no brainer’ supplements. Sorry, Glutamine, you did not make the team – despite the fact it gets its own message boards, chat rooms, magazine articles and its own section in the supplement store. I don’t need to remind you that the supplement industry is a billion-dollar industry. Since I used to be a skinny guy myself, I know how badly you want to build the perfect body – or at least one that gets you more dates and more respect at the gym!

Since I have already wasted thousands of dollars on certain, not all, supplements myself, I feel an obligation to tell you the other side of the story. To reveal the glutamine research that NOBODY wants you to read. But this is obvious – nobody makes money disproving the credibility of a hot selling supplement!

So here is where I will make my stand. Glutamine has no muscle-building effects whatsoever. Now before we get too deep, remember that I am not a PH.D student or a research geek. I will pass along the information and let you decide for yourself, and, in the process, do my best to make this fun and interesting.

Glutamine 101

Here is a quick introduction for you skinny guys who have never heard of glutamine. Glutamine makes up 2/3’s of the amino acids in our body, which could make a strong case for it being the most important. Understand that glutamine is also a non-essential amino acid which means your body produces it by itself. This does not mean you do not need it – only that external consumption is not mandatory. The most interesting fact about glutamine is that during times of stress (which is not clearly defined), our amino acid pool is depleted which can prevent muscle growth since glutamine makes up the greatest percentage of amino acids. Hence, the theory for supplementing with glutamine if you weight train.

Glutamine Claims

I cut and pasted these right out of random chat room just to show you I am more in tune with the word on the street:

“…glutamine helps with weight training and prevents muscle soreness…”

“…you need glutamine to repair your muscles.”

“…supplemental glutamine can help prevent your body from losing muscle.”

“…glutamine is not worthless. I train with bodybuilders every day and they recommend it.”

“Glutamine is the most important supplement for bodybuilders…”

“It boosts immune function which helps you recover from colds much quicker..”

“Taking large amounts of glutamine before a workout contributes to huge pumps…”

“Glutamine assists in situations of trauma which contributes to faster recovery…”

What Glutamine Sales Reps Are Afraid Of You Discovering

Although the majority of glutamine supplementation hoopla praises its contribution to increased muscle size and strength, decreased chance of overtraining and the other claims above, current research today gives no evident benefits for the skinny guy who wants to build muscle – never mind for any weight trainer in general.

Recently I received an article from a fellow colleague, David Barr MSc., who collected a large batch of research with an exhaustive reference list supporting the notion that glutamine is useful for only very specific conditions (which we will discuss shortly).

Here is a list of some of the most interesting data that David Barr found in his research with my extra commentary:

Just because glutamine has been proven to work in clinical stress testting does not mean it equates to exercise stress that you experience after a killer workout. Clinical stress such as severe burns, AIDS and extensive surgery are good reasons to warrant its, use but you simply don’t cause enough muscular damage during your workouts to justify its use.

A 2001 study by Candow et al determined that 0.9g of supplemental glutamine/kg/day during weight training resulted in no considerable effect on muscle performance, body composition or muscle breakdown on healthy adults. Since I am just over 200 lbs that is 80 grams of glutamine a day or over $1000 US in glutamine a year! If 80 grams was shown to have no anti-catabolic effects, why would you waste your money on taking the recommended 5-10 grams per day?

The majority of the research on endurance athletes has revealed minimal contribution in regards to enhancement of the immune system. More significantly, a number of studies disclosed information that glutamine supplementation does not alter exercise-induced suppression of the immune system. Contrary to popular belief, whether your glutamine levels drop or not after training, they have no impact on immunity. – Hiscock N, Pedersen BK. Exercise-induced immunodepression- plasma glutamine is not the link. J Appl Physiol 2002 Sep;93(3):813-22

Many claim that glutamine helps increase your ‘pump’ by improving cell volumization. Dr. John Berardi, Ph.D, did some preliminary testing and discovered nothing to support this. Glutamine supplementation has no response on total body water, intra-cellular fluid levels, or extra-cellular fluid levels. – Dr. John M Berardi, Ph.D., Appetite For Construction, 2002 Nov 8

It is still a question whether or not glutamine improves glycogen stores post-weight training. But why should you care? If you are already consuming a post-workout drink with sugary carbs to replenish glycogen (this is mandatory for any skinny guy who wants to build muscle), then further supplementation with glutamine is unnecessary.

In conclusion, studies that tested athletes who consumed an amino acid drink post-workout showed an increase in protein synthesis by 48%. However, when glutamine was added to the drink, no additional benefits occurred. That blows the muscle-building theory out the window!

So Is Glutamine A Worthless Supplement?

Well, if you stopped reading right now you would think so! And you are probably confused as heck right now because everything you have heard on glutamine before today praised its holiness. Remember, the supplement industry is a billion-dollar industry and nobody makes money by disproving the effectiveness of supplements. In the end, you must decide for yourself what you wish to believe.

When Glutamine Is Worth Using

David Barr fingers a few situations when glutamine supplement will prove useful for the bodybuilder, so here is a chance to see if your glutamine should still be in your budget:

Glutamine supplementation could prove useful for bodybuilders who decrease their testosterone levels after coming off a cycle improperly. Muscle breakdown is at its highest in these circumstances despite a quality nutrition plan, so glutamine might help.

During a pre-contest training regiment that consists of very low calories and high volumes of exercise, protein breakdown is much more likely. Basically, any extreme dieting or fat loss program with the hopes of getting extremely lean can result in increased stress, therefore increased catabolism. Competitive bodybuilders and fitness models are perfect examples of those who might benefit from glutamine supplementation in this above-normal fat loss situation.

During incidences of extreme weather conditions and/or multi day training, there are situations where extreme stress can be counteract with glutamine supplementation. Triathletes and endurance athletes come to mind.

” Glutamine supplementation would be beneficial for conditions where catabolic waste is at its peak. Severe burns, severe colds or flu’s, severe allergies, alcoholism, chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS, irritable bowel syndrome are a few examples.

In Conclusion

At the start I stated that, “Glutamine has no muscle building effects whatsoever.” After reviewing this article, you will notice that is not as black and white as that. However, the take home message, especially to you skinny guys, is that if you are on a proper muscle-building meal plan and using solid post-workout nutrition strategies, glutamine is not a worthwhile supplement for you. Save your money and put it towards food if you are motivated to gain muscle weight.

Save your money and put it towards food if you are motivated to gain muscle weight.

I hope this supplement was a good example of looking at the evidence rather then the hyped-up muscle rags and advice from the ‘expert’ at your gym. In the end, you are free to believe what you wish, but remember that the current research today does not support the spectacular muscle-building effects supplement companies claim.

Skinny Guy Build Muscle

Are you sick and tired of everyone telling you a different way to build muscle? Are you unhappy with how you look in the mirror? Are you frusturated with your slow progress in the gym? Are you ready to learn five simple steps that will teach you how to build muscle safely and effectively?

There is a good chance that you are not maximizing one of these four steps. Your problem and solution lies in correcting these essential steps before you have any chance of building a muscular and lean physique.

Get read to learn how to build muscle in four simple steps, in less time, without any drugs and without bogus supplements.

Step #1

Committ to lifting weights at least three to four times per week. Your goal is to stimulate your muscles with resistance (stress) which results in your muscles growing bigger to avoid the stress from occuring again. Once you go home, let the muscle heal through nutrition and rest, it will grow bigger and you will repeat this process again. Ideally you should hit your muscles once every 72 hours so you could perform 2 upper body workouts per week and 2 lower body workouts per week.

Step #2

Focus on eating at least 5-7x a day with balanced meals from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. If your goal is to build muscle than you should be eating at least 15-18 x your current body weight. Your carbohydrates should equate about 45% of your intake, your proteins should equate about 35% of your intake and your fat should be the remaining 20% of your intake. You should focus on over half of those meals being solid whole food meals and the remainder can be liquid meal replacment shakes.

Step #3

You should focus on stretching at least half the amount that you lift weights. One of the biggest mistkakes I see is people training, training and training with out any stretching. Stretching helps restore normal length to the tissue and if you are constantly training, your muscle tissues will shorten and big to perform weaker and slower and have a higher incidence of injuries. So if you are lifting weights 4 hours in the week, at least an additional 2 hours should be dedicated to stretching. You must counteract the shortening of the muscle tissues that occurs with weights or else you are a injury screaming to happen.

Step #4

Avoid supplements that have not been around for longer than 3 years. I learned this phisophy from an Australian strength coach who recommended not trying any supplement until it has been around at least 3 years to pass the test of time. This will make your life much easier and help you avoid all the marketing hoopla in the latest fitness and bodybuilding magazine. If you follow this rule, you will discover only a small handful of supplements still standing. Here are the ones you should not go with out: a high quality multi-vitamin, fish oil capsules, powdered creatine and a protein powder. These products will cover your nutritional basis for health, healthy body composition, strength and muscle mass.